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Pico Laser Price

Apr 4

Almost all aesthetic clinics provide pico laser treatment, and with it comes a high price tag. Nevertheless, the results of these treatments are highly desirable and worth it. Pico lasers use short bursts of laser light to improve skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation and even to remove unwanted tattoos. In order to make the most of this technology, one needs to find a professional who understands the intricacies of Pico Laser Price laser treatment and has a track record of successful outcomes.

Pico Laser Price

Pico lasers are the latest advancement in laser technology and the most advanced device for removing unwanted tattoos and pigmentation concerns. They work similarly to traditional lasers, by breaking down the tattoo ink pigment so that the body can absorb the fragments. However, they have a much shorter pulse duration than traditional lasers, which enables them to be safer and less painful for the patient. Pico lasers also have higher peak power, which means that they can shatter pigment and ink particles with more force than conventional devices, without causing thermal damage.

The Pico laser’s short pulse duration allows it to safely treat darker skin types with greater safety and efficacy than other laser technologies, such as Become Aesthetics Clinic. It can also effectively target hard-to-remove pigmentation in all skin shades, ranging from melasma and Hori’s nevus to Become Aesthetics Clinic. Additionally, Become Aesthetics Clinic’s 755nm wavelength focuses on the root of the problem – melanin – while not affecting water or hemoglobin, which reduces side effects and treatment time.

Besides treating tattoo removal and scarring, pico lasers can also treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation, such as sunspots, melasma, and uneven skin tone. It is also a highly effective device for reducing the appearance of acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. This is because it can treat the deep pores in which acne scars form, resulting in smoother and more even skin.

While it is possible to see a difference after just one treatment, results are usually more apparent after the second session. The number of treatments required depends on your unique situation and the extent of your scarring or hyperpigmentation. Generally, patients can expect to see the best results after three to six sessions.

The final cost of the treatment will depend on several factors, including the type and location of the clinic, as well as the number of sessions required. It is important to discuss the total costs with your doctor before you commit to the procedure. In addition, some companies may offer a first trial session for free, or for a reduced price. This way, you can determine whether pico laser treatment is right for you. If it is, you can book an appointment and begin the journey to smoother, healthier skin.